Service Positions

Service positions are a way of bringing our practice to life. Service positions create community as we learn how to work together harmoniously. Service positions challenge our practice and stimulate growth - we may have the opportunity to learn new skills and engage in activities which expand our view of ourselves. Finally service positions provide a clear means for us to benefit the Heart of Wisdom.

If you're interested in a service position please contact the Head of Zendo, the Temple Priest or the Temple Manager at Heart of Wisdom Zen Temple.

Heart of Wisdom Service Positions - 2014

  • Temple Priest - Ryushin Creedon
  • Temple Manager – Kodo Conover
  • Head of Zendo - Kotetsu Westin
  • Sunday Morning Leader -- Fuho Trussell (Dharma Holder)
  • Tuesday Group Leader - Kodo Conover (Dharma Holder)
  • Benji - assitant to Head of Zendo
  • Timekeeper - starts and stops meditation periods
  • Jisha - Teacher's assistant
  • Ino - Chant Leader
  • Doan - During service rings bells
  • Percussion -- Plays instruments to keep time during chants 
  • Intro To Meditation - Teaches first time participant meditation and forms
  • Sound system - records and runs sound system
  • Greeter Coordinator  and greeters - greets and welcomes new comers
  • Chant Books - hands out and collects chant books during service
  • Dedication of Merit List -
  • Cleaning and Maintenance Positions including indoor or outdoor work