Sangha Treasure: Doug Onkatsu Kagel (chair) This is a regular ZCO committee whose mission is to help strengthen, support, and grow membership, and ensure ZCO is a welcoming place.

Sangha Harmony: Laura Jomon Martin (chair) The mission of this committee is to facilitate effective communication within the sangha to inspire a harmonious and vital sangha life.

ZCO Finance Committee: Patrick Bansho Green (chair) This work group prepares prudent budgets for operating Great Vow Zen Monastery, and decides what sort of programs, attendance and growth are necessary to sustain Heart of Wisdom Zen Temple. 

Fundraising Work Group:  This work group develop short-term and long-term fundraising plans.

Communications Group: Judy Seiko Stamp (chair) This group handles promotion of the new Heart of Wisdom Zen Temple and its programs.

Programming Group: Nan Whitaker-Emrich (chair) This group develops and organizes monastery and Portland programs.

Heart of Wisdom Zen Temple Manager: Kodo Conover The temple manager handles the day-to-day operations of the temple.

Heart of Wisdom Head of Zendo: Ryushin Creedon The head of zendo is responsible for all the activities in the zendo, or meditation hall, including instructions, the schedule, service positions and talks. They are also to be an example of wholehearted Zen practice.

We are eager for your input!  Our goal is to achieve a sustainable and responsible model for owning and operating our own places. Please contact these groups if you would like to get involved (click on the highlighted name to send an email).