White Plum Sangha

The White Plum Sangha is composed of the Zen teachers in the lineage of Hakuyu Taizen Maezumi, Chozen's root teacher and one of Hogen's teachers. The purpose of the White Plum Asanga is to provide support for students and teachers in the White Plum lineage.

One Drop Community

The One Drop community is a worldwide Zen Buddhist community composed of students of Shodo Harada Roshi, Chozen and Hogen's current teacher.

Dharma Rain Zen Center

The Dharma Rain Zen Center is a lay Buddhist sangha serving the Portland OR community. They work closely with ZCO, co-sponsoring events, co-leading retreats, and offering advice and support.

Corvallis Zen Circle

The Corvallis Zen Circle is a diverse group of Zen practitioners dedicated to embodying the Buddha’s teachings on wisdom and compassion in daily life and making these teachings available to all in the community who seek them.  They welcome and affirm anyone looking for this way of life and cultivation.They are directly affiliated with ZCO.

North Shore Zendo

The North Shore Zendo is a group of Zen practitioners in the tradition of the White Plum lineage of Taizan Maezumi, Roshi. They are directly affiliated with ZCO. They offer people the opportunity to learn about and practice Zen Buddhism in this tradition.

Butsugenji - Eugene Zendo

The Eugene Zendo, Butsugenji, is a Soto Zen Buddhist Temple located in Eugene, Oregon. The resident priest Ejo McMullen is a close friend of ZCO.

Bend Zen Group

The Bend Zen Group is a non-denominational group of Zen meditation practitioners with various levels of sitting experience. Most have been to at least one sesshin (weeklong meditation retreat). They get together once a week to support each other in their practice.

American Zen Teachers

The purpose of the American Zen Teachers Association is to foster dialogue among Zen Buddhist teachers and to provide access to information about Zen Buddhist practice and teaching. ZCO is a member of this association.

Soto Zen Buddhist Association


The SZBA exists to preserve and promote the Buddhadharma through the teachings and practice of Soto Zen Buddhism in North America.  It facilitates trust, respect, ethical conduct, communication, and education among the teachers and sanghas of Soto Zen Buddhist lineages and in the wider community

Northwest Dharma Association


The Northwest Dharma Association is a nonsectarian Buddhist organization dedicated to the support of the Northwest Buddhist community. We support the Buddhist community (Buddhist groups, practitioners and all who wish to learn more about the Buddha's teachings) by publishing the Northwest Dharma News, maintaining information about the Buddhist community on this web site and organizing multi-tradition events where people from all traditions can come together in the light of the Buddhadharma.

Jack Kornfield

Jack Kornfield is one of the leading Buddhist teachers in America. A practitioner for over 40 years, he is one of the key teachers to introduce mindfulness and vipassana meditation to the West. His approach emphasizes compassion, lovingkindness and the profound path of mindful presence.