Temple Manager's News and Notes

Our First Full Week
Our First Full Week
April 8


Kodo -- Temple Manager’s Notes

April 8, 2012


Today, Buddha’s birthday is celebrated in Japan; the rest of the world will celebrate Buddha’s birthday on May 8. Our celebration  today is that this past week marks a full week of daily meditation activities at Heart of Wisdom.


Monday --  Eimyo inaugurated a new sitting time 5:30 - 6:30 pm and we continued with our regular 12 Step and Buddhism Group and the monthly Mindful Eating Meet up.


Tuesday -- Fuho’s discussion group began study of the Heart Sutra


Thursday -- Our regular sitting and Dharma talk program


Friday -- Ryushin lead our new Full Moon Metta Practice


Saturday -- Shinju presented a first time workshop on poetry


Sunday -- Our regular sitting with sanzen or practice interview


In addition there were numerous committee meetings, individuals stopping by to do work, ongoing work, sangha members and teachers meetings throughout the week.  Quite a full plate for our new home. 


While all this new activity is exciting and wonderful, we also want to make sure that we keep our traditional programs solid as we add new ones.  We want to be able to support and sustain each new program that we offer.


What can you do to support this?  First is to participate as you are interested and able. It is very important that we have solid sangha participation at most all of our events.  Second, let your family and friends know about our offerings.  These are wonderful opportunities to invite a friend or family member to visit and learn about our zen community. A third thing is to help with events or during our meditation times.  Having a service position whether it is at a one time event or as an ongoing position will help both you and others as we work and sit together at Heart of Wisdom.


One last thought is that The Heart of Wisdom’s operational budget comes from our donations and event fees.  I was quite amazed and thankful to learn that DT and LaShelle’s class in Feb. on Communications brought in over $2000.  Thank you DT and LaShelle!!  Through everyone’s dedication, service and generosity we are able to keep Heart of Wisdom somewhat warm and operating.


One of my vows this year is to write this ongoing Temple Update.  It will be posted on the list serve and at Zen Community of Oregon’s website on a regular basis.




Kodo Conover


Back from Great Vow
Back from Great Vow
April 5


March 30, 2012
Dear Sangha Friends:
This past January and February I was very fortunate to experience residency at Great Vow Zen Monastery. This gave me the opportunity to immerse myself into life at the Monastery, understand better life at Great Vow, deepen my own practice and awareness, and rest from all the work at Heart of Wisdom.
The effects of these two months are still being realized.
Now I am back to my life in Portland with my husband, retired life and resuming the responsibilities as the Temple Manager at Heart of Wisdom Zen Temple.
The first official steps in managing Heart of Wisdom was for the ZCO Board to name a governing group and its members. This group is call the Temple Council and is made up of Hogen, Ryushin, Nan, Eimyo, and Kodo.  More information will be coming from this group.
I am very excited to continue with our vision for Heart of Wisdom Zen Temple: A Hearth, A Bridge and an Offering.  Our Offerings at Heart of Wisdom are growing as we are able to offer  ways to relieve suffering, help people find purpose and community within a chaotic world while  living an ethical life and develop skillful means to navigate our many life situations.
Together Great Vow Zen Monastery and Heart of Wisdom Zen Temple have offerings which range from full time residential training to a one time one hour Metta Meditation Practice (Loving Kindness).  What a treasure of great opportunities.
Our Bridge is growing ever stronger much like the living root bridges found in Northern India or perhaps like a stone bridge.  These next years will help determine the architecture!
I would like to extend my deepest thanks and gratitude to our Teachers, the priests and residents at Great Vow, and to the Heart of Wisdom Sangha who stepped forward so I could seamlessly step away for a couple of months. I am  now ready to reengage in this wonderful, exciting journey.
Please join us this Sunday, April 1, for the ZCO Annual Meeting 3:30-5:30, Heart of Wisdom Zen Temple. Let us see what we can accomplish together in the coming months and years. http://www.zendust.org/eventlisting
With Great and Renewed Appreciation,

Kodo Conover
Temple Manager
Heart of Wisdom Zen Temple
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