Giving Thanks : A Night of Gratitude Practice

Date: November 25, 2021

Time: 7P - 8P

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Giving Thanks : A Night of Gratitude Practice

November 25, 2021

7P - 8P

Giving thanks is a deep practice of the heart.  Gratitude is a practice of attention.

This thanksgiving we will offer an hour in the evening to connect with the practice of gratitude, in the stillness and quiet of zazen.

Guidance will be offered to help us connect to the spirit of gratitude, generosity and appreciation as we sit together.

Take some time to re-invigorate your heart and mind, and re-connect to the source of love.

Appreciation for this life, always starts right here.

Dogen Zenji says, offer flowers blooming on a distant mountain to the awakening of all beings.

We will meet on zoom

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As this day in the history of the US is a Day of Mourning, remembering the genocide of Native peoples and Native culture that continues to the present – may we come to reconcile, forgive, atone and make amends.

May we see our interconnection and truly appreciate this life.

May we give back with gratitude.




Amy Kisei, Sensei