November Sesshin – Gratitude

Date: November 6 - 12, 2023

Time: Monday 5pm to Sunday 1pm

Location: Great Vow Zen Monastery

Address: 79640 Quincy Mayger Road, Clatskanie, Oregon 97016, USA

Price: $25 - $380
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November Sesshin – Gratitude

November 6 - 12, 2023

Monday 5pm to Sunday 1pm


With gratitude for our beloved sangha near and far, the Monastery joyfully offers another sesshin. This sesshin has no set price. All are welcome to attend, and donations from the heart are welcome.

During this week of practice, we will eat only the offerings brought to us specifically for this retreat. So food donations, while always welcome, are particularly helpful! Bring food that you like to eat, bring food that will challenge our kitchen team and cook. The head cook (tenzo) will need to dive into creativity and allow the surprises of each donation manifest our meals.

We will otherwise follow the usual sesshin schedule, early to bed and early to rise, with a full day of practice in between!

In order to attend in person, we require that you first attend one of our Beginner’s Mind Weekend retreats or a five-seven day silent retreat at another Zen Center before registering for our longer zen retreats. For more information about what to expect when attending a sesshin, click here.

Our Covid policy is changing fast. please stay tuned for any updated information


Tentative Schedule:

4:20 Wake Up

5:00 Zazen 

6:50 Service

7:30  Oryoki Breakfast

9:00 Work Practice

10:20 End Work

11:00 Zazen

12:20  Service

12:30 Lunch

3:00 Zazen

3:30 Teisho 

5:20 Service

5:30 Dinner

7:00 Zazen

9:20 Formal Tea


Jogen Salzberg, Sensei