The Three Pure Precepts
I vow not to commit evil.
I vow to cultivate goodness.
I vow to help others.

The Three Refuges (Three Treasures)
I take refuge in the Buddha.
I take refuge in the Dharma.
I take refuge in the Sangha.

The Ten Grave Precepts
I vow not to kill, but to cherish all life.
I vow not to steal, but to respect that which belongs to others.
I vow not to misuse sexual energy, but to be honest and respectful.
I vow not to lie, but to speak the truth.
I vow not to misuse drugs or alcohol, but to keep the mind clear.
I vow not to gossip about others’ faults, but to be understanding and sympathetic.
I vow not to praise myself by criticizing others, but to overcome my own shortcomings.
I vow not to withhold spiritual or material aid, but to give freely when needed.
I vow not to unleash anger, but to seek its source.
I vow not to speak ill of the Three Treasures, but to cherish and uphold them.

Jukai is a public ceremony of taking on the Sixteen Precepts as a way of life and becoming a Zen Buddhist.

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