To acknowledge their powerful longtime contributions to ZCO and encourage their abilities in teaching, Laura Jomon Martin and Ed Gensho Welsh received the title of Dharma Holders and symbolic purple Rakusus.

Jomon said, “I sincerely hope that whatever I can do is in support of the mission and vow for ZCO, and to carry forward the vows of our teachers in whatever way I can. I hope that my activities can support the Sangha, and support this collective and embodied stewardship of the Teachings. It’s an honor, one that I hope to grow into over time.”

Gensho noted the distinction of this particular honor in that “they just spring it on you.” Other signifiers of practice take specific steps to get there, but this one is bestowed when the teachers decide a person is ready. Gensho sees Dharma Holding as a sign of trust. “They trust you with their baby,” he said.

Thank you Jomon and Gensho for all the you do for ZCO!