Danney Soten Lynch

Danney Soten Lynch is a Dharma Holder and ordained Zen priest who currently lives and practices at Great Vow Zen Monastery, where he has resided since 2010. Soten has been playing and enjoying music all of his life. He serves as the Music Director at Great Vow, breathing new life into the liturgy, chants and marimba band. Soten also serves as Work Leader for the monastery. He is an avid runner and outdoor enthusiast, who leads wilderness sesshins every summer in the Pacific Northwest.


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Events with Danney Soten Lynch

Wilderness Backpacking Sesshin: a weeklong meditation retreat
September 10, 2023

Previous meditation retreat and backpacking experience is highly recommended. Immerse yourself in the silent wisdom of the forest, mountains, and sky. Allow these wild places to awaken within you and inform how you experience and embody this life. This retreat is an invitation to dive deep into the present moment experience, supported by the spacious clarity, enduring stability, and flowing life energy of the wilderness. This is an intensive meditation retreat. We will set up a base camp and follow a structured daily schedule. Each day will consist of about seven hours of seated meditation, a period of meditative movement,…