Sara Shinei Monial

Sara Shinei Monial was an ordained monastic Great Vow for over 8 years. She has been practicing meditation intensively since 2007, and has practiced closely with various teachers including Jan Chozen Bays, Roshi, Hogen Bays, Roshi, and Satya Vayu. Shinei has a BA in Education, but left the field 15 years ago to pursue full-time spiritual practice. She is one of the founders of Touching Earth Sangha in Portland, whose intention is simple living in harmony with the natural world. Shinei also teaches yoga and recently completed a 3000 mile pilgrimage by foot through Mexico and Central America with her husband. (@walkingtogetherblog).

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Events with Sara Shinei Monial

Wilderness Backpacking Sesshin: Resting in Wild Spaces
September 24, 2023

Previous meditation retreat and backpacking experience is highly recommended. Immerse yourself in the silent wisdom of the forest, mountains, and sky. Allow these wild places to awaken within you and inform how you experience and embody this life. This retreat is an invitation to dive deep into present moment experience, supported by the spacious clarity, enduring stability, and flowing life energy of the wilderness. This 2nd Wilderness Sesshin will be at a lower elevation. It is intended to be a little less physically demanding than our other retreats and therefore may be more appropriate for older or less athletic bodies. The…