Larry Fuho Trussell

Larry Fuho Trussell has been practicing Zen since 1976, and received Lay Transmission from Chozen and Hogen Roshi in 2015. Fuho is the lead teacher on Sunday mornings at Heart of Wisdom. He is one of the sesshin leaders in ZCO. He works as a research scientist and is married with one grown son.

Events with Larry Fuho Trussell

Pari-Nirvana Sesshin: A Meditation Retreat exploring Life, Death & the Unknown
February 20, 2023

This retreat is offered both in person and on zoom. Zen meditation is an invitation to the unknown. During this sesshin we take up the Buddha’s Parinirvana–the Buddha’s death, as the essential inquiry into our own relationship with death, dying and the uncertainties of this life. How often in your daily life do you allow yourself to reflect on your own mortality, your own death? This sesshin provides the structure and support needed to look into the fears and anxieties surrounding death, dying and the unknown. Supported by the stillness and quiet of winter, we allow the body, heart and…