Patrick Bansho Green

Patrick Bansho Green has practiced with the Zen Community of Oregon since 2004 and received Lay Transmission from Chozen Bays and Hogen Bays in 2019. As board president, he led the effort to found Heart of Wisdom Zen Temple, a lay practice center in Portland, Oregon. Prior to becoming the current full time Administrator for ZCO, Bansho worked for twenty years in the labor movement leading social and economic justice political and legislative campaigns.

Events with Patrick Bansho Green

October Sesshin - The Ancient Gate
October 13, 2022

There is something very special about the magic of autumn and the kicking off of the fall practice period that makes this sesshin so powerful. What a great gift it is to be able to sit together in silence. This is our longest sesshin of the year. The extra days enable us drop down into the bare bones essentials of our lives. We have this rare opportunity to turn towards the practice/awakening that is our true nature, and to celebrate quietly together in the container of sesshin. Day after day plunge into the waters of mystery and exploration. Turn off…

Foundations: Online Course In Buddhism
October 29, 2022

What did the Buddha teach? How is it relevant and lived in our time here and now? In this online course we will investigate the foundational teachings of Shakyamuni Buddha. Through a mix of presentation, small group discussion, and meditation practices we will explore the insights of the Buddha, the history and context of his teaching, and how the awakening insights are alive here and now. Begins November. Goals for the course Exploring the story of the foundational teachings of Buddhism found in the Pali Canon. Nurture a community of committed people of the Buddha Way. Provide a way for…