Eduardo Zambrano

Eduardo Zambrano is a Professor of Economics at Cal Poly, has been practicing meditation in many forms for 30 years and is a Certified Facilitator of The Work.  “The Work helps me see that everything I ever wanted I already have, that what I am without my story is kind, generous, patient, hilarious, and does not need anything other than what it has in any given moment. The Work is pure genius. This genius is also inside you.”

Events with Eduardo Zambrano

The Resilient Heart: Compassion, Inquiry and Spiritual Practice: A Week-long Workshop
January 16, 2023

This event will not take place on zoom. Resilience is our individual capacity to thrive in demanding situations, and to get back up when we are ‘knocked down.’ The choices we make when responding to difficult situations and our attitude and willingness to act demonstrate resilience. Working together, we can support, with compassion, resilience in ourselves and in our fellow human beings. We will investigate these themes in a retreat that is part meditation, part teaching, part personal exercises and part discussion. We will use Byron Katie’s method of inquiry called The Work to investigate our core beliefs and fixed ideas which…