Darah Shonin Ashton

Darah Shonin Ashton has been practicing Zen since 2009 and was made a Dharma Holder in 2019.  She served on the ZCO Board of Directors for 6 years and is the current Treasurer.  She also works as a Chiropractor and is the mother of a grown son and daughter.

Events with Darah Shonin Ashton

Foundations: Online Course In Buddhism
October 29, 2022

What did the Buddha teach? How is it relevant and lived in our time here and now? In this online course we will investigate the foundational teachings of Shakyamuni Buddha. Through a mix of presentation, small group discussion, and meditation practices we will explore the insights of the Buddha, the history and context of his teaching, and how the awakening insights are alive here and now. Begins November. Goals for the course Exploring the story of the foundational teachings of Buddhism found in the Pali Canon. Nurture a community of committed people of the Buddha Way. Provide a way for…