Myoyu Haley Voekel

Myoyu went to he first meditation retreat in 2006 with Shinzen Young. She has practiced with ZCO since 2013. She ordained in 2019 as a novice priest, following her vow to serve ZCO and to deepen her own practice. She is currently the Training Director at the Monastery. Before coming to the monastery, Myoyu taught yoga in Olympia WA, after graduating from Evergreen State College. During her time at the monastery, Myoyu has managed the garden and grounds, served as tenzo and Shuso and also participated in the management of the ZenWorks Store. Myoyu became a Dharma Holder in 2023.

Events with Myoyu Haley Voekel

Love & Spaciousness: A Loving Kindness Weekend Retreat
May 24, 2024

With wonderment on our side, and in relationship with all that is, we recognize the inherent compassion that naturally arises from deep and sustained presence. Held in a container of zen forms and the vibrant dance of a monastery waking up to spring, we will explore the nature of being anything at all! During this silent retreat our day will unfold within the practices of zazen, chanting, formal meals and a short work practice. Much of the day will be spent in the meditation hall practicing seated meditation together.   Beginners welcome. 🙂

July Sesshin - Cultivating the Empty Field
July 15, 2024

Summer is bright and alive. The sun hangs high in the sky, illuminating the earth with unflinching clarity. What wisdom does a warm summer day offer? Everything is laid bare before the luminous rays of the sun. In this meditation immersion, we will endeavor to study the self, forget the self and glimpse Buddha Nature, opening in silent communion with this community of human and non- human beings. This is our collective awakening. (More details about the sesshin will be added soon). Sesshin is a rigorous and, at times, challenging silent meditation retreat that is not recommended for beginners. In order…