Myoyu Voekel

Events with Myoyu Voekel

Beginner's Mind Weekend Retreat
December 16, 2022

The teachings and practices of Zen Buddhism empower us to live our lives wholeheartedly with openness, insight and compassion. During this weekend retreat we follow a silent retreat schedule, which allows us to temporarily put aside outside concerns and go deeply into inner work. The silent retreat schedule includes about seven hours of sitting meditation (with breaks), Buddhist chanting services, formal oryoki meals, and a period of community work practice. On the first evening the retreat leaders will give thorough instruction on the foundations and methods of Zen meditation and posture. Opportunities to meet with a teacher or senior practitioner…

January Sesshin: New Year's Sesshin
January 5, 2023

A student asked Joshu, “what is meditation?” Joshu replied, “It’s not meditation.” “Why isn’t it meditation?” “It’s alive, it’s alive!” The most beautiful thing about dharma practice is it’s always, only– right here. We can return to it. We can rediscover it. As a New Year begins. Let’s return to the dharma. The dharma is life-giving. It is restorative. It opens us up to deep intimacy and truth. Seal your new year resolutions with a sesshin. Soften your heart and clarify your mind. For this life, can’t be captured in words or labels–It’s alive, it’s alive! Sesshin is a rigorous…