Hogen and Chozen Roshi

Chozen Roshi is the founding teacher of Zen Community of Oregon, which includes the Monastery and Heart of Wisdom Zen temple. She and Hogen Roshi now co-abbot Great Vow Zen Monastery together. Zen Community of Oregon is the culmination of years of training and practice. Chozen and Hogen also raised a family together maintained jobs outside of  building this Sangha for many years. Chozen Roshi has written many books on mindfulness and mindful eating.

Zen Community of Oregon is in the White Plum lineage. Both Hogen and Chozen Roshi practiced with Taizan Maezumi and also with Shodo Harada Roshi both in the states and in Japan.




Events with Hogen and Chozen Roshi

Autumn Ango - Fall Residency
October 11, 2022

This Dharma is abundantly present in each human being, but if we do not practice it, it does not manifest itself, and if we do not experience it, it cannot be realized. – Dogen Zenji In communion with our ancestors who set aside time each year for deep retreat, the Monastery offers this Autumn Ango.  Ango is a celebration of stillness and quiet contemplation, upheld with the support of community and teachers. Ango can be translated to mean peaceful dwelling. During this practice period our daily schedule takes on a tone of a light retreat which includes more zazen (about…