The Time of our Life

Date: April 6 - 9, 2023

Time: Friday 5pm to Sunday 1pm

Location: Great Vow Zen Monastery or Online

Address: Great Vow Zen Monastery79640 Quincy-Mayger RoadClatskanie, Oregon 97016

Price: $50 - $280

The Time of our Life

April 6 - 9, 2023

Friday 5pm to Sunday 1pm

This retreat is both a silent meditation retreat and a workshop. It is offered both online and in-person at the monastery.

During this workshop/meditation retreat we will look at such interesting questions as: Am I liberated now or in the future? How long is the present moment and how long did it take to get here?  What is the source of the Arrow of Time and why only one direction?  If “all time is eternally present” then is there a past and future? If so, how are they created?

In the silence of the meditation hall, we utilize our creative and curious human heart/minds to inquire into the nature of awakening and our intimate connection with time, as we believe it to be, and as it truly is. 

Spend the weekend in a state of open wonder. Within time, how is it that there is anything? Together, let’s burst through the doors of our narrow view of a small linear life and explore the vastness of time and space within and without.


Participants must be fully vaccinated including a booster. Please take a rapid test the day of arrival. PCR tests are no longer required. 

The Covid situation is changing fast. Please stay tuned for updated requirements for in-person retreats.



Hogen Bays, Roshi