October Sesshin – The Ancient Way

Date: October 10 - 20, 2024

Time: Thursday 5pm to Sunday 1pm

Location: Great Vow Zen Monastery or Online

Address: 79640 Quincy Mayger Road, Clatskanie, Oregon 97016, USA

Price: $75 - $480
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October Sesshin – The Ancient Way

October 10 - 20, 2024

Thursday 5pm to Sunday 1pm

There is something very special about the magic of autumn and the kicking off of the fall ango practice period that makes this sesshin so powerful. What a great gift it is to be able to sit together in silence. This is our longest sesshin of the year. The extra days enable us drop down into the bare bones essentials of our lives. We have this rare opportunity to turn towards the practice/awakening that is our true nature, and to celebrate quietly together in the container of sesshin.

Day after day plunge into the waters of mystery and exploration. Turn off the media machine, look, and look again. We do this together. Each person an important part of the web that holds us all together.


Sesshin is a rigorous and, at times, challenging. This silent meditation retreat that is not recommended for beginners. In order to attend in person, we require that you attend one of our silent weekend retreats or a five-seven day silent retreat at another Zen Center before registering for our longer zen retreats. For more information about what to expect when attending a sesshin, click here.


Hogen Bays, Roshi
Patrick Bansho Green
Darah Shonin Ashton